The user account was successfully created, however there was an error importing the default data into the WordPress database.

If you are receiving this error, it signifies that there is an issue with either your current setup, local server configuration, or configuration of the remote provisioning server that is preventing the WordPress site from being installed. Here are a few steps to help you troubleshoot possible issues:

1. Make sure you have the PHP setting allow_url_fopen enabled in your php.ini file on both your local and remote servers. The module cannot function without it. 
2. Make sure you have enabled PHP functionality shell_exec() on the remote server if you are attempting to import the (*.sql) database export file. This function is not required otherwise.
3. Make sure you have enabled PHP functionaltiy curl_exec() on your local and remote servers.
4. Make sure you have specified the correct external IP address of your server in the module settings. This is the IP address that external servers will see when your server connects to them. This is not always the same IP address you use to access your server, especially in shared hosting environments. Please contact your provider if you are unsure. 
6. If you are importing a custom (*.sql) database export file, you must ensure that either the table prefixes in this file are "xwp_" or update the SQL prefix in your WordPress configurationn settings in WHMCS.
7. Make sure you have entered the correct WHM server credentials in your server setup.
8. Make sure you have assigned your server to a server group and that the server group is assigned in the module settings. Without this, the module will not know which server to use when provisioning.

If the above steps do not help to resolve your issue, please feel free to contact us for assistance.
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