WordPress Package Folder Structure Requirements

When creating or modifying WordPress package folders, please use the guidelines below to ensure the site will provision as expected:

1. Create a custom folder under (/modules/addons/appprovisionwp/packages/) for your custom files that has the following similar folder structure:

 -- [Package Folder Name] (no spaces or special characters)

 ---- wpconfig.php (copy from the default folder if no changes are needed)

  ---- database.sql (copy from the default folder if no changes are needed)

  ---- /files/

  ------ /wp-content/

  -------- /languages/

  -------- /plugins/

  -------- /themes/

(e.g. /packages/mywordpress/files/wp-content/languages/[your_folders_or_files] or /packages/mywordpress/files/wp-content/plugins/[your_folders_or_files])

Note: The wp-content folder can contain multiple structure folders such as languages and plugins.

2. All files and folders contained within the "files" folder of the package will be provisioned to your client’s site and will override any default files provided with the initial WordPress install.

Note: We strongly recommend starting any custom package by using a copy of the default folder. 

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