Product Module Commands

Once a client has purchased a WHMCS hosting account, the following module commands will be available from within their account in the WHMCS admin console.

CREATE: This command will create a new hosting account and provision a new WHMCS install into that hosting account. This is the default protocol run when a client completes a new purchase.

SUSPEND: This command will suspend the client’s hosting account.

UNSUSPEND: This command will unsuspend the client’s hosting account.

TERMINATE: This command will terminate the client’s hosting account and thereby wiping out all data associated with their WHMCS site.

CHANGE PACKAGE: This command will update the hosting package assigned to the user’s hosting account based on the package selected in WHMCS.

CHANGE PASSWORD: This command will update the user’s hosting account password for the current account to the password stored in WHMCS. Note: This command will not change the user’s WHMCS account login or password.

Product Commands Only

The following module commands are only available when the WHMCS site is provisioned as a product and not a product addon.

PROVISION WHMCS SITE: This command will re-run the WHMCS provisioning script for the associated hosting account. This command will wipe out any existing data on the user’s WHMCS site. This command can be useful for when the user’s hosting account was created but there was an error in the WHMCS provisioning process or when the user’s WHMCS site just needs to be rebuilt from scratch. The provisioning script takes approximately 30 seconds to run, depending on the size of the site being provisioned.

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