Getting Started With IBG App Installer Modules

Configuration Steps

Please ensure you follow the steps below to propely configure the IBG App Installer module:

1. Check to make sure that you have configured the WHMCS System Cron job to run every 5 minutes on your server. 

2. Ensure you have IBG Module Loader version 1.1.35 or higher installed. 

3. Go to Addons -> IBG Module Loader and click on the Check System Configuration link next to the title of the applicable IBG App Installer module that you want to install. Be sure to correct any issues before continuing with the module installation. For tips on resolving some common issues, please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide.

4. Whitelist our application provisioning server IP address on any server where you will be installing provisioned applications or extracting existing sites using the Package Builder tools.

5. One the IBG Module Loader screen, install the IBG App Installer module that you ordered by entering your license key for the applicable product listed on the page. 

6. Load any custom installation packages into the FTP account you will be provided in your welcome e-mail.

7. Configure the module using the KB articles below and begin testing!

Knowledgebase Articles

IBG App Installer - WordPress

IBG App Installer - WHMCS

IBG App Installer - Joomla

- IBG App Installer - Generic

If you have our WordPress Auto-Provision or WHMCS Auto-Provision modules installed, please note the following important items:

- The IBG App Installer module does not come with its own dedicated server module, like our previous modules did. Instead, you will assign your WHMCS products to either the cPanel or DirectAdmin server modules that come built into the WHMCS platform. 

- The WHMCS products that you will be using with the IBG App Installer modules should not also be assigned to the WordPress Auto-Provision or WHMCS Auto-Provision modules. Please go to either Addons -> WordPress Auto-Provision or Addons -> WHMCS Auto-Provision and ensure that you do not have any configuration settings setup for the products that you will be assigning to the IBG App Installer modules. If you do, please either delete these configuration settings or choose another product to use. 

To report any issues using our IBG App Installer modules, please submit a support ticket to us.
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