IBG App Installer Module System Requirements

Below are the minimum system requirements to run our IBG App Installer Hosted and Stand Alone modules:

- WHMCS 7.0 or higher

- PHP 5.6 or higher

- PHP cURL Library

- PHP PDO Library

- MySQL 5.2.0 or higher

- Ioncube Loader 5.0.21 or higher

- php.ini must have the extension mysqli set to enabled

If you are running the Stand Alone modules, the following items may also be required:

- PHP functions to enable: allow_url_fopen, shell_exec(), ftp_connect(), ftp_put(), curl_exec(), exec(), escapeshellcmd(), ZipArchive and PharData support

- Special PHP functions for FTP: If you need to make FTP connections using SSL or SSH, you will need to install/enable the required components to run either ftp_ssl_connect or ssh2_sftp, as applicable. 

- Memory Limits:
  - PHP memory_limit = 512M
  - MySQL wait_timeout = 28800
  - MySQL max_allowed_packet = 104857600 (recommended)
  - MySQL interactive_timeout = 28800
  - Apache Timeout = 300
  - If using CloudLinux, we recommend setting the allowed threshold to 10MB/sec for the account running WHMCS

- Inbound/Outbound TCP Ports: 
  - 21 for FTP (unless a different port is specificed in your configuration settings)
  - 2082 (cPanel Control Panel Unsecure)
  - 2083 (cPanel Control Panel SSL)
  - 2086 (WHM Control Panel Unsecure)
  - 2087 (WHM Control Panel SSL)
  - 2222 (DirectAdmin Control Panel - All User Levels)
  - 3306 (MySQL Database Connectivity)

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