Joomla Package Builder

The Joomla Package Builder tool helps you easily create your Joomla installation packages by automatically extracting the Joomla site files and database from a template Joomla site and saving them as a package folder, that can be used to provision new Joomla sites. To use the Joomla Package Builder, please follow these instructions:

Note 1: You must ensure that the remote server you are extracting the Joomla site from has the inbound TCP ports listed in this KB article opened.

Note 2: The hosting account password cannot conatin the characters '=' or '&'.

1. Go to the IBG App Installer - Joomla main module screen located at Addons -> IBG App Installer - Joomla and click on the link for the Joomla Package Builder.

2. Next, select the package folder that you want to populate or enter a name to create a new folder. Then, enter all of the required connection information for the hosting account where the Joomla template site should be extracted from.

Joomla Document Root: If the Joomla site being extracted is installed into the root level folder of the hosting account (e.g. /home/username/public_html), leave the checkbox selected. If the Joomla site is installed in any other folder, uncheck the box and enter the full document path to that folder.

WARNING: This tool will overwrite any files that currently exist in the selected package folder.

3. Once the required information has been entered, press the Continue to Step 2 button and if successful, the Joomla site will have been extracted into the selected package folder. It is recommended to check the package folder, to ensure that everything was populated correctly.

If the export was not successful, double-check to ensure that you had entered the correct connection and document root information and that the remote server is accessible. You can also take a look at the WHMCS Activity Log to see if there are any errors which may help identify the cause of the issue.

If you run into any trouble with the Joomla Package Builder or have any questions on how to use the tool, please contact us.

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