Introduced in WordPress Auto-Provision Module v3.0 and WHMCS Auto-Provision Module v1.2

Use this field to specify the contents of the .htaccess file. A sample default .htaccess file is provided within the module configuration settings interface as a reference. It is not recommended to modify the default settings, unless you are sure you know what you are doing. Incorrectly configuring the .htaccess file will prevent the provisioned site from loading correctly.

Additionally, for our IBG App Installer modules, the following variables can be used to replace data with values generated during the provisioning process:

%tempurl% = Application Temporary URL
%customurl% = Custom URL as specified in your application configuration settings.
%domainurl% = The domain assigned to the client.
%autourl% = The URL assigned to the application (any of the above) as specified in your application configuration settings.
%urlprefix% = The URL prefix assigned to the application site (e.g. either http:// or https://).
%serverip% = The client's server IP address.
%username% = The client's username for the hosting server.
%password% = The client's password for the hosting server.
%appuser% = The username for the application being provisioned.
%apppw% = The password for the application being provisioned.
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