All Other IBG App Installer Modules 27

Instructions specific to our IBG App Installer modules.

Common Module Settings 39

A description of common module settings and values.

Troubleshooting 18

Common troubleshooting steps and errors.

WHMCS Auto-Provision Module 30

Instructions specific to the WHMCS Auto-Provision Module.

WordPress Auto-Provision Module 36

Instructions specific to the WordPress Auto-Provision Module.


 How do I create custom sub-domains as temporary URLs?

When you first provision a user's new application site, it make take a few hours (typically 4-24...

 What are the system requirements?

Below are the minimum system requirements to run our Auto-Provision modules: WHMCS Server...

 What are the optimal memory limits for Apache, PHP and MySQL?

For optimal performance of our Auto-Provision modules, please use the following recommendations...

 My application installation failed, what should I do?

If you are encountering difficulties with the provisioning process, please refer to our...

 My hosting provider host does not allow remote MySQL database connections; can I still use Auto-Provision modules?

Unfortunately, all auto-provision modules are most beneficial with their ability to automatically...